Resources for the new indie author

Some resources for the new indie author

The following are some of the resources that we have used and recommend. We are not earning anything from recommending these, but have genuinely  found them useful. We will try to update these as we find others, but these are a good place to start.

There are clickable links to the various websites:


There are lots of courses out there which claim to help writers, but there are a lot of these which only end up helping the person selling them. We think the best courses are often by successful writers themselves as they are tried and tested methods.Some of the following authors sell courses, but they also provide a huge amount of free support:


  • Scrivener for writing your book as it really helps with organisation of a big manuscript
  • Canva for creating all the visuals you will need
  • K-lytics for finding the best Amazon categories for your book
  • Vellum for formatting your books


Podcasts are a great way of keeping up to date with the industry and learning and you can listen to them while walking, cleaning and commuting.

  • Story Grid Podcast
  • Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula
  • The Creative Penn Podcast
  • The Sell More Books show


There are lots of other resources as you continue your author journey. Do let us know if you have any that you recommend.